Bear Serum

Sci-fi graphic novel BEAR SERUM, by the extraordinarily creative (and perhaps SLIGHTLY insane) Kyle Fleischhacker, is the product of a hyperactive yet meticulous imaginative force. Humans, after leaving behind the Martian-annihilated Earth for Earth 2, now strive to survive on a new "green rock" divided into four domains of varying shades of bleakness and conflict. Action packed and consistently singular, the graphic narrative has a fresh contemporary feel, and none of the artwork or text seems anything less than thoroughly thought through and executed. Add to that the politics, monsters, media, and plenty of humor, along with brilliant panel sequencing and perspective in all senses of the word, and you've got one helluvan entertaining ride. I really enjoyed it, and was impressed by how much hard work obviously went into the project. I've read only a couple dozen graphic novels, but BEAR SERUM belongs on my shelf alongside the few I'd reread.

Note: I received an advance PDF copy of BEAR SERUM from the author. I don't know him personally, nor do I automatically give high praise to anyone who sends me their book. The author took a chance, and I like his work.