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Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy (a.k.a. Deadly Is the Female) is a thrill ride of a film, directed by Joseph H. Lewis and released in 1950. It stars Irish actress Peggy Cummins and American John Dall, a perfect fit for the cold-hearted femme fatale Annie Laurie Starr and gun-obsessed, star-crossed Bart Tare. Bart gets busted stealing a gun from a pawn shop as a kid, is sent to reform school, and years later lands a job with a traveling carnival. Annie works there too, also as a sharpshooter, and the pair hit it off, much to the chagrin of their employer, who's as bewitched by her icy eyes as Bart is. He sacks them, before payday no less, and the lovers hit the road with little cash between them. When that money dries up, Annie gives Bart an ultimatum: either join her in a life of hold-ups and running from the law, or take a hike. Reluctantly he does as she says, and their state-to-state crime spree takes off.

Some great shots in Gun Crazy and also an incredible long take, shot from the back seat of a car and capturing Bart and Annie's drive up to their next heist, an exchange with a cop, and the getaway. The film has a thrilling pace and flows as fast as its car chases, roller-coaster ride, and foot pursuits. Definitely a must-see for noir fans.

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