On the Line

I like Jenny Lewis for her indie-rock-pop-country voice and because her lyrics and music often surprise. Listening to her latest album, On the Line (2019), I feel like I’ve walked into some smoky, dimly lit tavern, and scattered around are listless gambled-away-all-their-money cowboys, and there’s Lewis on stage, swaying to the sweeping rhythms of her songs with a bittersweet look on her face.

Acid Tongue (2008) is still my favorite of her four solo albums, but I keep going back to On the Line. I particularly like: “Heads Gonna Roll” (Ringo Starr on drums), “Wasted Youth”, “Red Bull & Hennessy”, “Dogwood”, and "Do Si Do".

“Do Si Do” (Music Video)

“Red Bull & Hennessy” (Music Video)

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