Sacred (1997) is a crime novel by Dennis Lehane that's part of his Kenzie and Gennaro series, which includes Gone, Baby, Gone (1998). In a nutshell, Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired by a billionaire who is dying of cancer. He wants them to find his daughter, Desiree, who went missing and may have joined a cult-like group. The book is a light, fun read with a consistently implausible plot, especially towards the end. Even the detectives find the story they're in hard to believe, and I couldn't help but wonder if Lehane was having a bit of fun with his readers through them, a kind of you know this is impossible, I know this is impossible, even the fictional characters here know there's no way this could happen. Again, it's a fun read when it's not silly, with some action, fast-paced dialogue and plenty of one-liners.