Social Cues

Social Cues is the fifth album from Kentucky rock band Cage The Elephant, which plays around with a wide range of sounds and styles. Their latest album is better and rocks harder in places than their last one, Tell Me I'm Pretty (2015). It's less experimental than their earlier stuff, and I don't hear any Pixies influence in these tracks, compared to "Trouble" and other tunes they've put out in the past. The first song on Social Cues, "Broken Boy", kicks off with an in-your-face beat slightly reminiscent of The Cult circa late 80s. I can't figure out the lyrics for "Tokyo Smoke" but I can't imagine they're related to the city. Maybe the reference is to the Canadian lifestyle brand Tokyo Smoke and recreational cannabis? Best tracks on Social Cues: "House of Glass" and "Broken Boy".

Spotify: Social Cues