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View of Vinh Nam Chon Beach

Location: 16°08'51.3"N 108°08'08.7"E

I took this photo on the Hai Van Pass, north of Da Nang, Vietnam (February 27, 2019). There wasn't a soul on the beach, and when I later went to take a dip in the sea down there, a woman gave me a nervous smile as she dragged her finger across her neck to let me know swimming in that water would be the end of me. I wasn't told why it's dangerous, but I didn't go any deeper than my ankles.

Location (approx.): 16°28'13.1"N 107°34'45.2"E

In the grounds of the Imperial City in Hue are a number of bonsai trees, which you can also see around Hue and in other Vietnamese cities. I found them striking particularly because they're so much bigger than any I've seen in Japan.

Location: 16.464685, 107.581482

Boats on the Perfume River, Hue. My ride on the right.


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