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Encounters with Kyoto

Encounters with Kyoto: Writers in Kyoto Anthology 3 (2019) is an absorbing, at times amusing collection of twenty-two storytellers' personal essays, poems, and fiction centered on Kyoto as a wellspring of inspiration and creativity. From Writers in Kyoto, the book lights up countless facets of the city's history, culture, and people as well as its transformations, all examined and interpreted, in some cases briefly or fleetingly, through the eyes and pens of writers who share with us their experiences in and enduring connections to a city which has long captured the hearts of so many artists.

What I particularly liked about this anthology was the diversity among its voices. I learned a lot, about Kyoto's past and present, and the imagery in several pieces left impressions and stirred my imagination. But since each work stands out on its own in terms of voice, the collection can be enjoyed especially for its freshness throughout. So what the reader gets are very different angles to view and understand Kyoto, and a rich picture of its temples, tourists, gardens, ponds, residents, and lots more.


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